A New Day for Missions

by Rev. Jean-Paul Engler

New Day For Missions Cover

Author's Note

The purpose of this book is not to reinvent the proverbial wheel, but to take a fresh look at world missions today. 82% of all missionaries leaving for a foreign country, return home within two years in defeat. We obviously have to ask ourselves the question: why?


This book exposes the many pitfalls one can be overcome by on the mission field. It will give you practical wisdom and spiritual insight that will make the difference between succeeding and failing in your mission endeavor."

Exerpt from Pastor Mark Barclay's Forward


“In my lifetime as a gospel leader, I have met many people who have endeavored local and world missions, only to fail terribly, go broke, lose a family member er experience some crisis-level attack on their life.


In this book, A New Day for Missions”, you will be inspired and enlightened, and you’ll learn the blunt facts needed to be a success on the mission field. A New Day for Missions will be a tremendous to anyone wanting to obey the Lord in doing the work of world missions.”




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